Michelle Loke is an Entrepreneur | Advisor | Brand Designer | Storyteller

I'M MICHELLE ❤ A serial entrepreneur, brand designer, speaker, and business advisor dedicated to helping you create a business and life you love.
While previously a corporate girl working in the Financial Services, Maritime, Cyber Security and Interior Design space, I've spent the last four years founding businesses, designing products, tinkering with technology like blockchain, NFTs & AI, and having a spiritual experience.
I'm passionate about so many different things and believe in experiencing and expressing life to the fullest. I'm deeply grateful to be doing what I'm doing: building a creative and meaningful life that I love, and working with an amazing community of people on initiatives close to my heart.
I'm really glad you are here and I hope my journey helps you in yours!
Lots of love,

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The Mish Podcast

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Inovatyv is a niche technology consulting company run by experts and passionate technologists, designers and product enthusiasts who are committed to building beautiful, experiential technology products. We help organisations and founders plan, build and scale blockchain, AI and climate technology solutions, driving innovation and collaborating for global impact.

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Neon Sundae

Neon Sundae is THE Collaboration SuperApp for entrepreneurs of today: allowing entrepreneurs to streamline their workflows, effectively collaborate with external talents and teams, increase engagement with their community and brand partners, and drive productivity.

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Terra Goddesses

Terra Goddesses is a community built to raise awareness and support initiatives dedicated to fighting climate change and uplifting women across the globe, such as HER Planet Earth and Women On A Mission. Through the power of blockchain technology and NFTs, we're forging a path towards collective action and real-world impact.

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Michelle Loke

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